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In this episode we fly from LA to Las Vegas on a private jet and take you along for the ride.
If you've ever wondered what it's like to take a Gulfstream G4 to Vegas, now you know!

Jet provided by:
V-Stream Aviation
+1 800 700 3425
+1 702 854 4387



#privatejet #businessjet #gulfstream

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  1. Marcel Kwapień

    2:50 The flaps are used for increasing the surface of the wing such that the plane can generate enough lift at lower speeds. What you refer to Adam are ailerons. They are responsible for controlling the roll of the aircraft. Also what you saw was neither flaps nor ailerons, it was an air brake. The flaps are positioned slightly further back the wing and they extend horizontally rather than vertically (to increase the wing’s surface). The ailerons on the other hand have similar movement to the air break, they deflect the air either upwards or downwards to generate the moment rolling the plane, however, they are placed closer to the tip of the wing to maximize the moment created.

    1. CBanks

      @Michael McComb well PM did own a jet company that hired out private jets…kinda like a ride share deal for jets…not sure if he has complately sold out of it but it could be related to the company…PM also has had his hand in many companies and founded then sold many for large profits. Owned record labels etc…he is no slouch and could have his own and operate it with no dent in his net worth

  2. lemard mays

    Thank you for sharing this great video. Yes, you guys had a great flight on this larger corporate jet. Have you guys been leasing out your corporate? Yes, it is so nice to be able to fly this way! Thanks for sharing the charter company as well.

  3. Paul W

    Amazing video once again, friggin love you two guys, such a class double 🎬 act! Adam sorting the beers and Baileys is something I’d do, good on ya man! Look forward to the new house tour!

  4. Sammy Pluto

    And Adam is loving his role as he’s gotten very comfortable and using “we” in all the terminology when referring to what Michael has done with his money… gotta love his entrepreneurship..

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