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Jet Suite X | Private Jet

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In this video me and Bae get on the Jet Suite X !! This is almost a private jet only holding 30 people at a time. Check in and out at the private jet locations !! Luxury and style to Las Vegas. I show both hangers and the plane perks.
#jetsuitex #privatejet

Use my invite code, 6A8U8D, and get a free flight credit up to $20. Redeem it at

Flights start at $99 on the West Coast and Texas!!

Music by : BankNoteBeats

Thank you for watching !!

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    1. No Destiny

      @The Jeffrey’s it was huge and good. I think JSX is headquartered in Texas. I had to travel bc I was kissing somebody’s as$for internship. That’s how I got chance to experience JSX

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