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Lukashenka friend’s private jet lands in Vilnius

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I made mistake in subtitles, reg.nr. must be P4-GMS, not GSM.

Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 P4-GMS reportdedly owned by Russian billionaire Gutserievlands in Vilnius from Moscow. After about 20 minutes took off to Minsk. Gutseriev has business in Belarus.
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Critics of the Belarusian regime have questioned Mikail Gutseriev’s extensive business dealings there, and his use of London as a legal vehicle to channel investments into the country.

They are demanding the British Government and the European Union investigate connections between London and Minsk, and impose sanctions on any oligarchs they accuse of having a close relationship with a dictator accused of vile human rights abuses. For the Gutserievs, it is all a far cry from the frivolity and splendour of that Moscow wedding.

According to official documents lodged at Companies House, Mr Gutseriev and his son Said have the controlling interest in GCM Global Energy PLC, a business registered at an address in Westminster in Central London, and which has ploughed hundreds of millions of pounds into the country.

GCM Global has a number of interests in Belarus, including a deal for a £1bn potash factory that is due to open next year. Mr Gutseriev is also chairman of Russneft, one of Russia’s biggest oil companies, which at the turn of the year became the sole Russian supplier of oil to Belarus.

Said Gutseriev, 32, who lived in London for 17 years until 2014, last year set up Currency.com, a cryptocurrency exchange business based in Minsk. Forbes estimates that Said Gutseriev is worth $1.1bn, and his father twice that.

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