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Texas woman flew on private jet to Washington, DC, to ‘storm the Capitol’

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A real estate broker from Frisco, Texas, flew on a private jet to Washington DC, along with friends to “storm the Capitol” on Wednesday.

Jenna Ryan, who is also a radio host, flew from US Trinity Aviation in Denton, Texas, all they way to the nation’s Capitol

The Trump supporter was also tagged in multiple photos on Facebook, where she is seen holding her luggage with a big grin on her face.

Ryan tweeted a photo with her pals aboard the jet.

“We’re gonna go down and storm the Capitol. They’re down there right now and that’s why we came”.

The morning of the riots, Ryan livestreamed the walk to Capitol Hill.
As widespread damage and carnage ensued, Ryan posed in front of a broken window at the Capitol, smiling, with the caption: “Window at The capital. And if the news doesn’t stop lying about us we’re going to come after their studios next.”

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    1. Lauren Brady

      It’s not Republicans, or at least not all of them. It’s the MAGA Cult “Patriots”.
      But there is a difference, an ignorance rather.
      And this is coming from someone that stands between left and liberal.

    1. Lauren Brady

      Yeah! Who is “they”?
      The Killer Tomatoes? The Blob? The RoUS (rodents of unusual size)? Martians?
      Klaatu barada nikto.

      Who knows what exists inside these cretin pea-brains. Too much diet soda? Is aspartame causing pre-mature dementia?

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