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The United Kingdom Gets Own ‘Air Force One’ | CNBC

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The British government finally has their own private jet capable of taking the Prime Minister on long haul flights. It has been dubbed 'Cam Force One'. CNBC's Phil Han reports.
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The United Kingdom Gets Own 'Air Force One' | CNBC

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    1. Gurj Rai

      Why most of America is falling apart and so many Americans live in poverty. American are so proud of the fact that their military is so massive, all whilst being unable to afford medical care.

    1. Glynn Wright

      I will go along with that. I was sat amongst them on the way to India on this plane. They ALL got together to invent a set of questions to stitch up the PM. When she didn’t answer the way that they wanted, they convened again to concoct a story about what she supposedly said. They are quite amoral.

  1. Magestic

    I’m an American, but have a British soul, I personally think it should have been painted with the Union Jack swirling around it. Like a waving flag wrapping around the entire aircraft.

    When the USAF decided it was time to replace Air Force 1 & 2, they really liked the Airbus designs. However, they felt it was inappropriate to have a foreign manufacturer build the plane for the President of the United States, so the went with Boeing. The USAF also has a strict requirement that the plane must have 4 engines.

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